Professionel Experience

Denmark and Poland.

Freelance and interim manager,

  • New factory and production start up, PL.
  • Factory transfer, DK - PL.
  • Process development, production optimisation.
  • Value stream mapping of new production setup.
  • Website development / webcam streaming / solar-powered computer.
  • Real estate modernising.



Process development.
Development of Polyurethane composite and needed pultrusion equipment.

  • Development of composite profiles (PUR / fiberglass) for the "windows of the future".
  • Development of pultrusion process and equipment.
  • Development of composite process.
  • Development of process equipment.
  • Maturing production process.


Gdansk - Poland.

Window factory.
Production of VELFAC windows.

  • Green field project.
  • Established factory.
  • Start up of company.
  • Build up organisation.
  • Start up of production
  • Day to day running of company.


Denmark and Mexico.

Medico production.
Production of infusion sets for diabetics.

  • Production transfer DK-MX.
  • Production setup.
  • Development of process equipment.
  • Partner setup.
  • In- and outsourcing.


London - England.

Internet company.
Developing and running Canon websites.

  • Development of B2C websites.
  • Online sales support of Canon products.
  • Development of photo e-commerce platform.
  • Developing and implementing partner-program.
  • Online integration with partner production facilities.
  • Consultancy services for Canon and Canon partners.

Guderup - Denmark.

Aktuator factory.
Production of linear actuators with electronic controls.

  • Logistics.
  • Electronic assembly.
  • Production department for new products.
  • Re-organising plan according to LEAN principals.


Gniezno - Poland.

Fitting Factory.
Production of metal- and plastic fitting for VELUX windows.

  • Green field project.
  • Established factory.
  • Started up company.
  • Build up organisation.
  • Started production and day to day running company.


Nykøbing F. - Denmark

Trading Company.
Import from far-east and USA - Export to East Europe.

  • Starting up a new company.
  • Build customer portfolio.
  • Build supplier net.
  • Developed CRM software.
  • Sold company.


Nykøbing F. - Denmark.

Label factory.
Label production - printing and inhouse pre-press department.

  • Running factory.
  • Developed logistics and production management software.
  • Developed bar-code system for unmanned libraries.
  • Optimised production according to LEAN principals.
  • Re-organised production with self managed production groups.


Nykøbing F. - Denmark.

Auto repair and sale of used car sales.
Later additionally - accounting and IT services.

  • Established company.
  • Build up customer portfolio.
  • Running company, accounting, IT.
  • Sold company.