Olafur Eliasson - The Weather Project

The years I lived in London I enjoyed the great and very variable cultural activities on offer in London. The many cultural activities is part of what attract many people from the rest of the world, drawing visitors from all over the planet. Everybody knows the famous musicals running every day in The West End and most people having visited London have also visited some of the great museums with their fantastic exhibitions.

Tate Modern, apart from showing many fantastic exhibitions, also showed Olafur Eliasson's fantastic The Weather Project during the winter of 2003-2004.

Constructed in the turbine hall Eliasson had created a fantastic work of art in his unique way of combining light and mirroring effect. The whole ceiling was covered by a mirror and just below the ceiling at the end wall there was constructed a semicircle which was illuminated creating the perfect illusion. Steam was blown into the hall so the whole scenery looked like a misty dawn. The spectators sense of vision perceived the light as a full circle - a rising sun - due to the reflection i the ceiling. At the same time the hall was perceived as twice the height.

In the ceiling one could see the reflections of the people standing on the floor of the turbine hall forcing the spectators to try to comprehend what was going on in the conflict between sense of vision and what the intellect was making of scenery.

This is a unique feature in much of Eliasson's work - questioning how our senses work and how we react when our intellect tell us that the vision our eyes transmits to our brain just cant be right. The Weather Project was truly a work of art by showing a perfect illusion - I just had to visit the turbine hall several times to enjoy the spectacle.