Beauty, fragility and destruction

The french photographer Yann Arthus-Bertand has probably contributed more than any other photographer to spread knowledge of the the beauty, fragility and the destruction we humans expose our planet for.

I have enjoyed Arthus-Bertrand's fantastic pictures both at exceptions and in films shown on TV. His photos need no comments - they speak their own very clear language of beauty, fragility and destruction. I have included a few of Arthus-Bertrand's photos here, but I can only recommend a visit at his website and the website Goodplanet foundation is founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand - visit his websites, see more of his fantastic photos, and learn more.


Eroded Iceberg GreenlandEroded Iceberg Greenland
Middelgrunden offshore wind turbines DenmarkMiddelgrunden offshore wind turbines Denmark
Interchange 105-110 freeway Los Angeles USA.Interchange 105-110 freeway Los Angeles USA
Stonehenge EnglandStonehenge England
Bottle racks GermanyBottle racks Germany
Flamingos Lake Nakuru Kenya.Flamingos Lake Nakuru Kenya
Navajo Reserve Arizona USANavajo Reserve Arizona USA
Oil residue landfill oil sands Canada.Oil residue landfill oil sands Canada
Forestry Amazonas Brazil.Forestry Amazonas Brazil
Village on stilts Philippines.Village on stilts Philippines
Oil exploitation Niger Delta Nigeria.Oil exploitation Niger Delta Nigeria
Flooded house south of Dhaka.Flooded house south of Dhaka
Great Chinese wall near Beijing.Great Chinese wall near Beijing
Pudong Shanghia China.Pudong Shanghia China
Salmon farm Chile.Salmon farm Chile