Photos from Australia

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Sydney Opera houseSydney Opera house
The old parlament building in CanberraOld Parlament building Canberra
Old steamer on the Murray riverSteamer on the Murray river
Elvis barrel organ in AdelaideElvis barrel organ in Adelaide
Indian - Pacific railroad from Sydney to Perth. It's a 40 hour trip - photographed at Cook.Indian - Pacific railroad
Perth skyline from Swan river.Perth skyline
Denmark river by the town of Denmark south west Australia.Denmark River
Elephant Cove situated near an area named Bornholm - close to the town of Denmark.Elephant Cove
The japanese cemetery in Broome. Many japanese used to work as pearl divers in Broome - many died from decompression sickness.The Japanese cenetery in Broome
The planes are approaching their landing just over the heads of people in the outdoor cinema in Broome.Broome
Half way there! Only 1502km to Darwin - Australia is a BIG place.Roadsign at Alice Springs
Northern Territory's beautiful parlament building in Darwin.Parlament building in Darwin
Many places in the outback there are no bridges crossing the streams, but you can see the depth of the stream at the vertical 'rulers' before crossing.Stoker Creek
Ayers Rock, or Uluru which is the real name of the 'rock'. It' a 10km walk around Uluru, it's around 300m high.Uluru
Mount Connor is the oldest mountain in Australia around 700mio years old.Mount Conner
You can encounter dingos (wild australian dogs) in the outback.Dingo (wild australian dog)
If you wish to see some of the beautiful places in the outback there is no normal road leading there, like here on the way to Palm Valley.On the road to Palm Valley
One of the most beautiful places in central Australia is 'Palm Valley', it is very remote so not may go there. In Palm Valley there are palm species that has not survived any where else on the planet.Palm Valley
In Australia they call these huge trucks 'Road Trains'.Roadtrain