Here at my website you will find my CV with listings of my business experiences. You will also find some information about other stuff that interest me or that I might have been involved in.

I'm a great believer in the open-source idea and mindset (and not just for software development). Open-source gives people and companies opportunities - not limitations - like the copyright mindset.

Previously companies and persons could make a living of things they had copyrights to. Today the opportunities and possibilities are countless and the speed of development is so fast that whatever was protected by copyrights yesterday is outdated tomorrow. The speed of development is therefore more important than copyrights.

Opensource promotes creativity and innovation and has a huge impact on the speed of development.

SolarpanelTesting a computer system running on solar power you can see a live web-cam, connected to the 12v computer - power supplied from a 18v solar-panel. This is a newly constructed prototype running long-term test. More information can be found in the above live webcam menu.

There you can also find some information about local measurement of the efficiency of the solar panel - which depend very much of the placement of the solar-panel.