->This website is an example of the use of open-source for development of websites.

This website is based om the Joomla CMS system, a great open-source system used  for the development of millions of websites - Joomla is based on PHP.

Joomla is offered for free by many web-hosting companies.

There are numerous extension modules for Joomla, some commercial other pure open-source and you can also find modules where the basic module is free but a full version and sometimes the documentation require payment.

This website is build from open-source modules and some limited own development (eg the webcam module) in the table below you can see a list of the opensource items used developing the site - as demonstrated in this way it is very visible how opensource works - across countries and continents.


General website CMS
(content management system)
Website development and maintenance. Adjusted, adapted with overrides.
Cookie management
(Joomla plugin)
Plugin for management of the users accept of cookies
Content import/export
(Joomla plugin)
Plugin for import/export of content ie. when opdating Joomla.
Webcam - movement detection Used in the webcam module.
 Clip-art elements A few Clip-art elements used. 
Some adjusted and adapted.

Data and general information Lots of data and information through out the website.


"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge."

- Jimmy Wales -

Founder of Wikipedia